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Why Drywall is Bad for Your Basement

Drywall is one of the most common building products used in North America, mainly for one reason-IT IS CHEAP!

Drywall is made mostly of paper and gypsum, and provides no structural support or insulation. This demands the need for some type of insulation placed behind walls, and another type of support. The most common types of support and insulation are 2x4 wood studs and fiberglass insulation. All three of these materials are organic and breeding grounds for mold in a high moisture environment. Which is exactly what a basement is!

These three materials are what you commonly find throughout the country in residential buildings. Many contractors will incorporate this buildout in basements-THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE!

Drywall is fine for building when kept dry (hence the word DRYwall). A basement is a high moisture environment not meant for drywall, with outside air moisture entering the basement through the porous concrete foundation and heating and ventilation ducts. Leaky plumbing, rainwater buildup, seepage, and cracks in the foundation are a few other hazards for the basement.

So what materials do you use in the basement? The GreenSpace Basement System

The GreenSpace Basement System uses a thermal panel wall system that nearly doubles the insulating properties of drywall and fiberglass installation. There are no wood studs, fiberglass insulation or harmful organic products in our wall system. Manufactured locally, our system is made from non-organic, non-toxic, green materials. Not only will this material last forever, but we guarantee it with an Exclusive Lifetime Warranty.

The GreenSpace Basement System is:

  • Completely Mold and Water Proof
  • 70% More Energy Efficient
  • Completely Fire Safe

It is a one-time investment that will provide a lifetime of healthy living and enjoyment for your family

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