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There are a variety of ways that you can finish off your basement walls. Gaining much needed living space is just one of the immediate benefits your family will enjoy. Perhaps the most important benefit though is that if done right a properly finished basement will add financial value to your home..

When choosing a product to finish your basement it’s imperative that the material is guaranteed to be:

  • Mold Proof
  • Water Proof
  • Fire Safe
  • Energy Efficient

DO NOT SETTLE for materials that don’t meet the Health Safe Standard. Doing so could result in substantial increase in your budget and more importantly dangerous medical consequences.

GreenSpace Basement Finishing System

At GreenSpace we step away from the traditional construction methods and materials such as drywall and fiberglass insulation, which have proven to be hazardous to our health and our pocketbook.

Our Design and Build team has incomparable expertise and years of experience when it comes to construction, remodeling, and design. We’re always ready with basement remodeling ideas for any client who asks.

The GreenSpace Basement System uses a thermal panel wall system that nearly doubles the insulating properties of drywall and fiberglass installation. There are no wood studs, fiberglass insulation or harmful organic products in our wall system. Manufactured locally, our system is made from non-organic, non-toxic, green materials. Not only will this material last forever, but we guarantee it with an Exclusive Lifetime Warranty.

The GreenSpace Basement System is:

  • Completely Mold and Water Proof
  • 70% More Energy Efficient
  • Completely Fire Safe

It’s a one-time investment that will provide a lifetime of healthy living and enjoyment for your family

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